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Monday 4/15/19:
1-0 (100%)

Last 9 Picks:
8-1 (88.9%)

Last 23 Picks:
18-5 (78.3%)

Last 36 Picks:
25-9-2 (73.5%)

Last 100 Picks:
64-33-3 (66.0%)

Last 130 Picks:
83-44-3 (65.4%)

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"The BEST move I've ever made was signing on with Doc's are worth every penny! Doc's Picks staff and team are professional all the way. You do the best job of handicapping I have ever seen! Thanks Doc's have a customer for LIFE!"
Brian Lamb Las Vegas, NV

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Last 9 Picks: 8-1 (81.9%)!
Last 21 Picks: 18-5 (78.3%)!
Last 36 Picks: 25-9-2 (73.5%)!

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Sunday 04/22/19


10:35 PM (EST) - TV: TNT


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